Licenses for commercial use

NP or CU? Which license do I need?

If you are not sure which licensing model is right for you then we hope we have the right support for you.

Note: Please note that the use for purposes of sponsorship, of any kind, represents a commercial use!

Teamspeak Interface 1.x (CU) Startup

Usage rights Commercial
Validity 1 year
Updates 1 year
Max. Instances 1
Max. Webusers 50
starting at EUR 119.95

Teamspeak Interface 1.x (CU) Professional

Usage rights Commercial
Validity unlimited
Updates 1 year
Max. Instances 2
Max. Webusers 100
starting at EUR 199.95

Teamspeak Interface 1.x (CU) Enterprise

Usage richgts Commercial
Validity unlimited
Updates unlimited
Max. Instances 3
Max. Webusers 150
starting at EUR 399.95
  • In accordance with Directive 2006/112 / EC as amended, prices may vary from 1.1.2015 depending on the country of residence of the customer. All prices include VAT.
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