TSI 1.x - Commercial use [E]

Additional / Unlimited users and instances (optional)

The limitation of user and instance administration can optionally be increased or removed by a paid membership (hoster administration)
(e.g. from 6.95 euros per month, including VAT, for 50 additional users and 1 voice server instance)

Multifunctional Dashboard

The following functions are available on the TSI Dashboard:

- Manage / add / remove server instances
- Choose various security settings (Force HTTPS, Clickjacking prevention, etc.)
- Configure caching using ArrayCache, Filesystem, APCu, or Memcache
- See database connection information
- Set up / remove package server for Auto-Update Service
- Carry out automatic updates
- Manage / remove / add extensions
- Manage / remove / add licenses
- Full access and error logging
- Automatic snapshots via cronjob

- TSI create / export / import / edit / remove user roles
( User Roles can be used to limit the administrative and editing rights in relation to TSI functions and instances, and the assignment of a level also makes it possible to restrict the allocation of values, eg when editing channel groups. , Server group or client rights )

- add / edit / remove TSI users
( User accounts can be assigned to single as well as multiple instances and servers )

Reseller Management (Extension)

The following functions are only available in conjunction with the Reseller Management module.
- Create/Edit/Delete reseller
- Disable/Enable reseller accounts
- Each reseller can be assigned one or more instances for resell or administration
- Each reseller can be assigned individual or multiple voice servers on different instances
- The max. can be limited to buildable TSI Reseller users
- The max. customizable voice server per instance, as well as the slots / voice servers can be limited
- Resellers can manage their own instances insofar as the right has been granted
- Resellers can be granted access to the API interface (module API interface required)

Intelligent multilingualism

The TSI has an intelligent multilingual concept and is thus able to implement new languages more quickly. The current version supports the languages English, German, French and Dutch.

Efficient query management

A well thought-out caching concept reduces the number of query requests to the voice server to a minimum and saves traffic. Extensive setting possibilities in this regard offer the possibility to configure, for example, the duration of the caching or to choose between dedicated or shared cache.

Modulary expandability

Due to the modular structure and the integrated extension manager, the development and installation of your own extensions is possible. An appropriate tutorial for developing your own add-on modules will be published in the near future.

Presentation individually customizable

Thanks to the extensive CSS editor, nothing stands in the way of a full, individual adaptation of the template. The creation and integration of own icon packages is possible without any problems and furthermore requires no great programming knowledge.

Package Server & Update Management

The TSI has a native package server management that installs regular updates in a snap. You can choose freely between so-called BETA channels or sources that deliver only stable versions. There are always at least two package servers available for each update channel.

Manage server instances

- Manage/add/remove virtual servers
- Import/update the instance rights
- Import/update all server icons
- Start/stop multiple/single virtual servers
- Modify autostart of multiple/single virtual servers
- Reset the channel list of several/individual virtual servers
- Create snapshots for multiple/single virtual servers
- Extensive notes system

Manage voice servers

- Import/update server icons
- View/create logs
- View/edit/remove complaints
- View/edit/remove bans
- View/create/remove authorization key
- View/install/download/create snapshots
- Download server icons (zipped)

Management of templates

Templates are primarily intended to simplify the process of creating new virtual servers. The following functions are supported:
- Create/Save template
- Delete template
- Create virtual server from template
- Save existing virtual server as a template
- Search template

Extensive statistics

Time-controlled recording of instance and server data via cronjob and detailed evaluation in the form of various diagrams.

Server Interface & TS Explorer

- Edit server properties
- View server details
- Create channels
- Move Channels (Drag & Drop)
- Edit channel properties
- View channel details
- Move Clients (Drag & Drop)
- See client information
- Assign/remove servergroups (Clients)
- Set channelgroups (Clients)
- Poke/kick/ban clients
- Submit complaints (Clients)

Controlling Music Bots (TeamSpeak)

- Create/move/delete music bots
- Stop/start/pause music
- Add stream or media url to the queue
- Remove stream or media url from the queue
- Add last played tracks to the queue again

Manage Servergroups (Extension)

The following functions are only available in conjunction with the "Server Groups" module.
- List server groups
- Create/remove server groups
- List server group rights
- Assign/remove server group rights
- List server group assignments
- Remove server group assignments

Manage Channelgroups (Extension)

The following functions are only available in conjunction with the "Channel Groups" module.
- List channel groups
- Create/remove channel groups
- List channel group rights
- Assign/remove channel group rights
- List channel group assignments

Manage Clients & Client-Permissions (Extension)

The following functions are only available in conjunction with the "Client Permissions" module.
- List clients
- List client rights
- Assign / remove client rights

Manage Files & Icons (Extension)

The following functions are only available in conjunction with the "File transfer" module.
- List folders
- Upload/download/delete icons
- upload/download/delete files
- Preview of image files

Multifunctional server bot (Extension)

The following functions are only available in conjunction with the "Simple Bots" module.
- Automatic greeting
- Command line function (client mass shift, etc.)
- Automatic move at AFK
- Automatic kick rules
- Forced arrest (jail function)
- Forced freezing (freeze function)
- Protect server groups
- Protect channel groups
- Bot autostart via cronjob

Cronbjobs (Ajax/Webron/Crontab)

Extensive system for managing time-controlled tasks. Control and execution possible via Ajax, Webron or server crontab. Also the creation of own Cronjobs are no limits.

API Interface (Extension)

Easy connection to other or own programs, including comprehensive API documentation