TSI Main System Update 0.0.37, Modul Channelgroups Update 0.0.15, Modul Client Permissions Update 0.0.13, Modul Servergoups Update 0.0.15, Modul Filetransfer 0.0.14

  • Teamspeak Interface Main Sytem Changelog:

    • The innovations of the icon management have been revised. Since the icon ids are encrypted by crc32, 32 bit system causes the values to become negative. An attempt was made to compensate for this error
    • A display error in the TS Explorer has been fixed, spacers should now be separated properly
    • All PHP Mcrypt functions have been replaced. Mcrypt is no longer part of the system requirements

    Modul Channgelgroups, Client Permissions, Servergroups, Filetransfer Changelog:

    • Some source code optimization