TSI Main System Update 0.0.52, Modul API Interface 0.0.6, Modul Channelgroups Update 0.0.21, Modul Client Permissions Update 0.0.19, Modul Filetransfer Update 0.0.20, Modul Servergroups Update 0.0.21

  • Teamspeak Interface Main System Update 0.0.51 Changelog:

    • New:
      • With a Brading Free version, you now have the option of uploading and using your own logo in the global presentation settings, which will then be displayed on the login page instead of the TSI icon, for example.

      • The menu item "Extensions" has been renamed to "Packages", as updates via the existing Extensions Manager can now also be installed
    • Optimizations:
      • XSS prevention has been optimized
      • The add new instance options window now displays the IP address that needs to be entered into the Teamspeak server whitelist
      • Package server management has been optimized
        • There is now always one replacement package server available for each update channel
    • Bugfixes:
      • Added missing translations
      • Fixed a bug that would cause the message "invalid input" to appear when saving channels if no changes were made
      • The error handling has been improved

    Module API Interface Changelog:

    • New:
      • XSS prevention has been implemented

    Module Channel Groups, Client Rights, File Transfer and Server Groups:

    • Optimizations:
      • XSS prevention has been optimized