• Hi.

    Well needed software you are creating.
    But I can't test it out.
    I found some bugs or is it the rights to the files?

    Files and folder are sett to 775
    And if you want the phpinfo I can send it private

    • When adding a new instance, it show as it has failed. You only see it added when you press the blue refresh button.
    • When you are in the dashbord and press in a instances you go to a blank page.

    I cant do more

  • Hello Rickardo and thank you for your contribution. Excuse me, but my English is not the best. This bug is already known and will hopefully be fixed with today's update to version 0.0.10. It is because the access data are passed unformatted, so it may come due to the encryption to URI error messages. This error we improve with today's update. I would be glad if I could get a short feedback after the update if the error has been fixed. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Daniel

  • My english is not perfect.. so no worry.
    And I am glad to help

    Yes it was fixed in the update 0.0.11
    It is nice that you have site update.

    For us lacy ppl, it would be nice if the install folder could get deleted without ftp/ssh:ing to the server.
    Maybe whit a button.

    Will continuing testing your software.