ionCube Dependency for upcoming versions

  • site_logo_small2015.pngAs some have noticed, the source code of the TSI is not encrypted, which is one of the reasons why I am often contacted. Why was that so far, because the risk that the software is zeroed or cracked by it is relatively high? Well, in my opinion there was always the aspect of "trust", because first and foremost I have nothing to hide in the source code and that's what I wanted to convey to the users. Meanwhile, however, it is so that I put every second of my free time in the project for about 3 years, which among other things, I still have a lot of fun and what you get so noticed the number of illegally operated software versions unfortunately still heaps, but how could it have come otherwise. For this reason, we discussed this week in the team and decided to encrypt the source code in future versions using IonCube. However, apart from the unrecognizability of the source code and a new system dependency (IconCube Loader), there are no disadvantages for the user, on the contrary, because the performance is even improved by the converted source code.

    Another advantage of IconCube is that it is a PHP extension that can be installed either server-wide or locally, so users who do not have their own server will not be penalized in any way.

    From o. G. Reasons I recommend all users to make the IconCube loader available before the next update on the web space, more info and a wizard that performs an automatic installation of the required extensions can be found at the following address.


    If you have any questions or comments about this topic, you can send them here as a post or via a conversation to me.