TSI Main System 1.2.0 (RC1) available

  • Note: Please note that RC versions are not intended for productive use, but only for preliminary testing. If you still install a RC version, you have to reckon with the possibility of serious errors or irrecoverable data loss. The use of RC versions is therefore at your own risk!

    Manual: manual update from version 1.1.6 to 1.2.0 (no auto-update possible)

    Since the changes in the current version are too extensive, an automatic update via Update Manager is unfortunately not possible.

    • Setp 1: Complete backup of the database and all files on the webspace
    • Step 2: Download the TSI Main System 1.2.0 archive and move it to the main directory of the current TSI instance
    • Step 3: Unpack the archive with the new version (1.2.0) in the main directory and overwrite all existing files
    • Step 4: Calling the Tea(m)speak Interface in the Browser -> Done!
      • If only a white page appears here or an error occurs, run the migration script "install / migrate.php" in the browser and try again
      • If the migration script has been run and the TSI is still down, contact the support and keep the log files in the logs directory
    • Step 5: (Only if extensions were installed before) To be able to use all existing extensions again, they must be updated after the manual update. First and foremost, set an update source in the settings menu and update the existing extensions with the help of the new update manager. Optionally, you can also remove the existing extensions and reinstall via One-Click.

    If errors or problems occur during use, please report them in the appropriate support forum. Many Thanks!

    TSI Main System 1.2.0 (RC1) changelog:

    [ ! ] The cache system has been completely redesigned and optimized. The following drivers are now supported (Many thanks Lucas for the great support)

    • Files
    • Apc
    • Apcu
    • Xcache
    • Wincache
    • Memcache
    • Memcached
    • MongoDB
    • Predis
    • Redis
    • CouchBase
    • Cassandra
    • Couchdb
    • Riak
    • Ssdb
    • Zend Disk
    • Zend Shared-Memory

    [ ! ] The licensing system has been completely redesigned and optimized.

    • It is no longer necessary to enter demo serial numbers, they are now assigned by the license server

    [ ! ] The update architecture has been completely redesigned and greatly simplified

    • It is no longer necessary to log in to the packet server, the options have been completely removed. Instead, you can now easily select any update source via the system settings
    • Extensions no longer need to be manually uploaded and licensed, but can be easily installed via One-Click
    • During an update, the system updates only changed files

    [ ! ] TeaSpeak Server customizations have been made to ensure compatibility. However, some Music Bot features are no longer supported because they have been removed by TeaSpeak

    [ - ] Fixed several bugs that caused a clean install during a reinstall

    [ - ] Fixed minor bugs that were noticeable during optimization, such as: missing translations or unmatched text output

    [ - ] Fixed an issue where existing instances could not be sporadically edited if they were unreachable

    [ + ] The latest version of the TeamSpeak 3 server is now being retrieved from versions.teamspeak.com

    [ + ] The error handling has been completely revised and improved

    • Under certain circumstances, it is now possible to send direct reports to support in the event of an error
    • In addition to the well-known "main_log" now also an error log is kept, which, however, can only be viewed through the directory. It records serious errors, warnings and exceptions
    • A new authorization has been added to the role administration (tsi_extended_error_report) which grants the right to be able to see all details about the process and the system in the event of an error

    [ + ] It is now possible to send text messages to multiple virtual servers at the same time

    [ + ] A new permission has been added to the role management (tsi_virtualserver_ban_delete_super_admin) that restricts the right to delete created banners from super administrators. If the right is denied, these bans can only be lifted by super-administrators

    [ + ] The complete Javascript has been optimized, improved and is now cached

    [ + ] The limit on the maximum number of cached clients has been increased from 50 to 100 (accessed through the Clients module)

    [ + ] A new file has been added to the program, which is located in the "vendor" directory and, in the event of an error, provides information about the system in terms of requirements

    [ * ] Package dependencies have been extended / updated

    • Added wixel/gump
    • Added matthiasmullie/minify

    [ * ] The following language packs have been created and implemented

    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Russian

    [ * ] Code cleanup

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