TSI Main System 1.2.0 BETA (RC6) available

  • Note: Please note that RC versions are not intended for productive use, but only for preliminary testing. If you still install an RC version, you have to reckon with the possibility of serious errors or irrecoverable data loss. The use of RC versions is therefore at your own risk!

    Manual: manual update from version 1.1.6 to 1.2.0 (no auto-update possible)

    You will find the corresponding instructions in the posts for the publications for RC1 and RC2.

    If errors or problems occur during use, please report them in the appropriate support forum. Many Thanks!

    TSI Main System 1.2.0 (RC6) changelog:

    [ ! ] Icon management has been extended to include extension modules. All TSI icons can now be easily transferred to the respective voice server, for example with the help of the module server files

    (If this function is not available after the update, you need to renew the system or Javascript cache once..)


    [ + ] Added PHP Extension GD library to system requirements

    [ + ] When uploading icons is now checked whether the required PHP extension GD Library exists

    [ + ] Icon transfer improved, if an error occurs due to a limitation by the voice server, it will now be displayed

    [ - ] Fixed a bug that caused the active Simple Bots not to be detected

    [ - ] Fixed a bug that caused the icons of the server list not to be displayed

    [ * ] In order to save performance, the systematic change of session IDs can now be deactivated

    [ * ] Vendor update

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