• The mega Easter-Release-weekend is coming..

    On time for Easter, the TSI is finally released on the weekend in version 1.2, but not only that, because we have expanded our product range, which is why the TSI will also be available in the plesk expansion catalog in the coming days. You can expect many new features, improvements and optimizations, the scope of which is really enormous. For this reason, the update is also under the name "RELEVATION".

    Pre-release information regarding previous version updates and an overview of key changes, new features, and features

    :!:IMPORTANT! Please follow the instructions for an update of previous versions. Due to the extensive changes, an update must be made manually!


    [ ! ] The cache system has been completely redesigned and optimized. The following drivers are now supported (Many thanks to Lucas for the great support)

    • File-Cache (Default), Apc, Apcu, Xcache, Wincache, Memcache, Memcached, MongoDB, Predis, Redis, CouchBase, Cassandra, Couchdb, Riak, Ssdb, Zend Disk, Zend Shared-Memory

    [ ! ] The licensing system has been completely redesigned and optimized

    • It is now no longer necessary to deposit demo serial numbers, these are now fully automatically assigned by the license server as long as a demo period is still available
    • All license terms (except demos) now have a grace period, which limits the use of the TSI beyond the actual runtime

    [ ! ] The update architecture has been completely redesigned and greatly simplified

    • It is no longer necessary to log in to the package server, the options have been completely removed. Instead, you can now easily select any update source via the system settings
    • Extensions no longer need to be manually uploaded and licensed, but can easily be installed via one-click in the TSI itself
    • During an update, the system updates only changed files

    [ ! ] TeaSpeak Server customizations have been made to ensure compatibility. However, some Music Bot features are no longer supported because they have been removed by TeaSpeak

    [ ! ] In the settings area for Anpssungen a complete icon management has been implemented, this we have given you over 99 funny, cute, professional and dangerous icons 8) Of course, also quite comfortable to add your own icons. All icons can now be used for the following areas:

    [ ! ] The PHP extension GD library has been added to the system requirements

    [ ! ] Instances can now be filtered by resellers using a new drop-down menu in the dashboard overview

    [ ! ] Channel-Spacers can now be created using the menu option of the TS Explorer

    • The tsi_virtualserver_channel_spacer_create permission has been added to Roles Management to restrict the new feature individually
      afoimacfjroniavmcfjafk j.png

    [ ! ] The server interface has been enhanced with various functions to display the time in the host banner, the following options are available:

    • Select text color, choose font size (8 - 200 pixels), set transparency of text color (opacity), set horizontal and vertical alignment (left-top, etc.), select individual font, choose individual display format (dmY, H: i, Etc.)
    • By default, the TSI now has 9 native fonts, but you can expand this assortment by simply adding more font files manually. For this you have nothing more to do than simply put the corresponding ".ttf" files in the "css / fonts" folder and you're done. The new fonts are then automatically recognized by the TSI.

    Improvements / Optimizations

    [ + ] Modularity in terms of extensions has been improved

    [ + ] Depending on the expansion module, there are now several options that can be configured through the settings menu in the TSI

    [ + ] The latest version of TeamSpeak 3 Server is now available from the official source

    [ + ] The error handling has been completely revised and improved

    • Under certain circumstances, it is now possible to send direct reports to support in the event of an error
    • In addition to the well-known "main_log" now also an error log is kept, which, however, can only be viewed through the directory. It records serious errors, warnings and exceptions
    • A new authorization has been added to the role administration (tsi_extended_error_report) which grants the right to be able to see all details about the process and the system in the event of an error

    [ + ] It is now possible to send text messages to multiple virtual servers at the same time

    [ + ] A new permission has been added to the role management (tsi_virtualserver_ban_delete_super_admin) that restricts the right to delete created banners from super administrators. If the right is denied, these bans can only be lifted by super-administrators

    [ + ] The complete Javascript has been optimized, improved and is now cached

    [ + ] The limit for the maximum number of cached clients has been increased from 50 to 100 (access via the "Clients" module)

    [ + ] A test.php file has been added to the program, which is located in the vendor directory and, in the event of an error, provides information about the system regarding the requirements for support

    Bug fixes and fixes

    [ - ] Fixed several bugs that caused a clean install during a reinstall

    [ - ] Fixed minor bugs that were noticeable during optimization, such as: missing translations or unmatched text output

    [ - ] Fixed an issue where existing instances could not be sporadically edited if they were unreachable

    [ - ] Fixed a bug that prevented active Simple Bots from being detected

    [ - ] Fixed a bug that did not display the server list icons


    [ * ] To improve performance, the systematic modification of session IDs can now be disabled

    [ * ] Package dependencies have been extended / updated

    • wixel/gump added
    • matthiasmullie/minify added

    [ * ] All package dependencies have been updated

    [ * ] The following language packs have been created and implemented

    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Russian

    "On the release day, we will refund all terms of the demo licenses, so that everyone has the opportunity once again to test the tea(m)speak interface in version 1.2 with all the new features for free!"

    Preliminary information on the upcoming Plesk expansion :plesk-octopus-logo:

    Almost half a year of development time, the addon has taken up and we went to the greatest effort to meet all expectations. Below you will find a small overview of the functionality of the soon-to-be-released extension for Plesk:

    General functions:

    • Management of all TSI instances of the server
    • Add existing instances
    • Convenient installation of new TSI instances
    • Convenient management of purchased license keys (only for exclusive Plesk license packages)

    Functions related to TSI instances:

    • General information query regarding memory consumption, user accounts, etc.
    • Perform updates
    • Activate the maintenance mode
    • Change access credentials for the Super Administrator
    • etc.

    Here is a small preview, because pictures are known to say more than a thousand words ..


    As part of the release of this expansion, new license packages will also be released for the TSI, which will be available exclusively and only through Plesk.

    :plesk-octopus-hearts: You can find out about the current status of availability on the official website of Plesk

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