TSI Main System BETA + modules available via package server

  • Note: Please note that the beta versions are not intended for productive use, but only for preliminary testing. Nevertheless, if a beta version is installed via the package server, you have to reckon with the possibility of serious errors or irretrievably losing data. The use of beta versions is therefore at your own risk!

    Tea(m)speak Interface Main System BETA Changelog:

    [ - ] Fixed a bug that under certain circumstances caused error pages to render incorrectly

    [ - ] Fixed an issue that ignored the summer or winder time in the host banner

    [ - ] Resolved an issue where updating statistics pages caused the loading screen to disappear automatically

    [ * ] Vendor update

    [ * ] Code inspection and cleanup


    [ + ] An action button has been added to the client list to ban individual clients

    MODULE API Schnittstelle BETA Changelog:

    [ + ] A method has been added that creates a JSON structure that is similar to the structure provided by the Planet TeamSpeak Simple REST API (Serverodes) and that is fully compatible with the jquery-ts3viewer plug-in.

    Click here for the corresponding API documentation: API Docs [vServerViewGet]


    [ + ] The module now has a settings menu in the TSI settings.

    === Release BETA - 04.12.2019 ===

    [ + ] Two new commands have been added to query via the command line function which clients are currently locked or frozen

    [ * ] Corresponding translations have been added

    === Release BETA - 02.12.2019 ===

    [ - ] Fixed a bug that caused various commands and auto-kick features to fail

    [ * ] The reaction time of the bots on auto-kick functions has been improved

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