API Tutorial: Part 1 - Set up access

In order to use the API interface, you must first install the corresponding extension. If you do not already have the module, upgrade your license with the "Module API Interface" package, download the latest version of the package and install it via the TSI Extension Manager.

Set up API access via TSI

  • Register as a Super Administrator at the TSI and change with a click on the
    Button "API interface" to the overview page of the API access ..

  • Now click on the button "Add Api access" in the top right corner ..

  • It opens a window, there you have the Api access a label, say a name and optionally
    can restrict the requests to an IP. If you have the field IP Restriction, all requests whose
    origin will have a different IP rejected ...

  • With a click on the button "Save & Continue" the access is created and it Two keys
    (client and secret) are generated for communication with the client the API interface is
    required ...

  • Now we are ready for the first API request ..